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Jennifer Aniston sex scene clipThis is Jennifer's only sex scene to date (she was nude in 'The Break Up' but we only saw her naked back and a blurry ass from afar). This video clip shows her being fucked by Jake Gyllenhaal in the depressing and boring movie 'The Good Girl' from 2002. She is lying underneath him and as he moves his left arm while he humps away we can briefly see her left breast. It's not the clearest of nude scenes, but it's probably the best look we'll ever get of her tits on screen now she's pushing 40.

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About to be raped in DerailedEver since we saw her as Rachel in Friends, guys have been praying she would land a role in a movie that required her to strip off and show us those lovely jugs. It was a long time coming, but she had a nude scene in The Good Girl where we briefly see her boobs when she fucks Jake Gyllenhaal, although frustratingly it's a bit dark and his darned back keeps getting in the way.

Then in 2005 came rumours of a rape scene in Derailed. Although the context would've been awkward and not particularly pleasant, hopes were raised that a better look at Jen's naked form might be possible. But alas, her rapist Vincent Cassell didn't remove her bra beforehand and the scene was shot from the waist up, so all we see are Jennifer's breasts straining at her bra but no actual boobies on show.

The stolen shot of Aniston topless from the set of The Break Up2006 again promised nudity when her character in The Break Up walked around her apartment completely naked, but a blurred butt shot at a distance is all we got to see as everything was filmed from the back or from her neck up.

But then, just as all looked lost, it emerged that unused footage from that scene which showed her topless had been stolen and sold to a French magazine, which then published it (see the pic on the right).

So finally we had our good close look at the sweater puppies Jen had been trying so hard to keep under wraps all these years. She was 37 by the time it happened and it would've been nicer to have seen them about 10 years earlier when they were perkier, but it's still a decent rack she's got.

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Jen's still got a great ass

17 October 2007

Jennifer Aniston shows her assFormer Friends star Jennifer Aniston shows that although time waits for no man, it can be kinder to some than others.

A woman on the verge of 40 shouldn't have an ass as lovely as this, but as we can see as she attempts to climb back on her surfboard - this little lady's still got it.

Her surfer-dude friend seems to be noticing this at much closer quarters - lucky dog.


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