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J Lo's nude scene picturesThis quality gallery has 18 pics of every nude scene J Lo has done. The picture on the left is her getting roughly fucked from 1997's 'U Turn' where we see her breasts. There is a nice close up of her erect nipple too. There are also screencaps of her tits in 'Money Train' when Wesley Snipes has sex with her, and great shots of her ass in a see thru negligee from the flop 'Anaconda'.

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J Lo naked in Money TrainThis lovely Latino actress started her career with lots of nudity and hopes were raised (amongst other things) that this would be a pleasant feature of Ms Lopez's movies. Unfortunately she hasn't done a nude scene since 1997 and I think that's probably your lot folks, but the ones she did were pretty hot.

In 1995 she made her name in the smash hit Money Train opposite Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. She gets topless for a tender sex scene with Snipes and there are nice close-ups of her erect nipples as lucky Wesley gets to grope and fondle her breasts.

JLo's mini skirt is too high, giving us a nice upskirt picTwo years later she did her only other onscreen nudity in Oliver Stone's U Turn, where she is fucked hard in the missionary position. Even though the scene is intercut with other shots (including a guy getting stabbed) it's still hot as we see get to her left tit a couple of times.

Since then the star has stopped undressing for the movie cameras, but has obliged our desire to see her private parts with a number of nipple slips and upskirts (see the galleries above for many of these instances).

A close up of Jennifer Lopez's pussy slipThe best of these came a few years back when she got out of her car with her mini skirt having ridden up her thighs during the journey. Before she could pull it back down again a waiting camera crew zoomed in and took footage of what appears to be her shaved pussy, although she maintains that she was wearing panties.

Check out the pics on the right and decide for yourself.

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A J-Lo pre-pregnancy hot photo

8 September 2007

Jennifer Lopez performs on stageThis sexy pic showing Jennifer Lopez's bare midriff may be the last time we'll see her stomach in as good shape as this for a while.

For now she's confirmed as pregnant she'll be covering up. Although at least her boobs will get bigger. But that means her already large butt will become larger - perish the thought!

So relish this photo from a concert in Barcelona, Spain recently of a svelte looking JLo looking the way we like best. Not naked, but very hot.


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